My name is Aneta Carlander and I am an HRM & Development problem analyst. My problem analyses are focused on the professional double standards which obstruct professional development. Double standards are introduced by the dominant groups and leaders in the organisations, whose dominant needs, values, role models and politics determine the corporate culture. Double standards exist when the level of these groups' abilities and proactivity is inadequate for the achievement of organisational standards and professional development. Such double standards are, for example, disregard for the required educational degree, for the integrating ethical communication, etc.

I have previously worked for over 10 years in the HR/Recruitment sector as a business partner and trainer in a variety of corporate departments in a big international organisation. During my work, I have conducted two research-based theses on corporate culture values in a multinational organisation; I have designed and run workshops on assessment principles and interviewing techniques, mitigating bias in recruitment and training, etc. Thanks to my professional experience, researches and problem analyses, I discovered many hidden cultural obstacles to professional development such as the double standards. Some of them are significant and, therefore, it is important that they are generalised for an easier recognition and mitigation.

I hope that my articles draw attention to the destructive nature of double standards and provoke inspiration and motivation for better individual and corporate professional development in terms of better models for learning, communication and integration.
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